Stock Footage Ace reviews, gigantic bundle captivating high-resolution royalty


Today when i was struggling in front of a mess. Again, get more information as the company wants to add video and promotional images. I was really tired until I learned about Stock Footage Ace. And now I will introduce you:

You are have planed to shoot video, you are photo designer. You wanna find some background with high-definition royalty… What do you think with a collection of all the backgrounds images and background videos of the realm of life. It will help you optimize the time to find those things. So what is it.

I. What is Stock Footage Ace?

STA is a large collection of background images, high quality background video. With wonderful quality and free for all. Particularly it is carefully arranged and specific to each category, so you can quickly find the photo or video you need quickly.

feature-stock footage ace
Image Feature Stock Footage Ace

So what does it include?

II. See What’s Included In This Massive Package of Stock Footage Ace 

1. Giant collection of over 4000 ultra high resolution video

Great collection of over 4000 ultra high resolution video, that is high-definition royalty free stock footage videos and abstract motion backgrounds. According to current international standards, this huge collection is of standard format: All videos in this huge collection are formatted in high definition 1080×1920 MP4 format.

Not only one but all over 4000 stock video clips and motion backgrounds are the same. We have arranged according to the order of species. You can see below:

Well. Is that great? Especially all the videos are professionally filmed and it is assembled into folders that make it easy to find them.


And you can see HD video demo below:

2. Huge Collection of over 2000 spectacular royalty free video asset graphics

This great product package includes over 2000 royalty free video asset graphics. And moreover they come with copyright licenses. That means you can use it for free and not have to worry about copyright infringement.

In addition, this set contains a large number of beautiful images and can be applied to a variety of content. It can help increase sales conversion rate as well as make your website more beautiful.

3. Large amount of images with transparent background for many applications

This is only part of the collection. But it is of great value, if you know how to use and regulate them harmoniously. You can increase the value of the product you are using. For example: your website beauty, Fanpage or Instagram… With beautiful images can increase traffic to your website. Thereby increasing your income. Or you can simply use these images to create videos on Youtube and make money with it extremely simple.

#1. 200 Individually Created Sales Graphics

With sales through affiliate marketing nowadays, equip yourself with a professional image suite with over 200 graphic sales arrows, sale signs and more! There are lots of choices to add a short sharp message to your video or presentation!



#2. 180 Cartoons & Sketches On Transparent Background

This is an option for manufacturers who are making footage that need these icons. Special and they are all full with a transparent background. You can easily put them into your video or project without any modifications.



#3. 50 High Quality Generic Background Images

Great background image for you can insert into the application. Used in many areas like: Use these in print media, sales page video, web banners… to make a strong impression on viewers.




#4. 50 High Quality Business Backgrounds

If you are an enterprise wanting to prepare the best wallpaper for your website or you want to prepare for the slide show or can also for your sales. We can provide you with a wallpapers archive with each of the different professions, saving you time and money. You can select and use immediately.



#5. 200 High Quality Generic People and Nature Images

Packages of images of people and nature, with warm colors, cold … bring a variety of wallpaper. This image template is suitable for creating posters for attractive advertising. A multitude of choices for you.



#6. 200 High Quality Business People

Just like above, this is a background image collection of people doing business roles. This collection complements the collection of images of a company. The snippets of business people will help you diversify the categories. Make more vivid than your company’s posters.



#7. Set product images on animation

If you are a producer of movies, clips, videos then this is the category for you. With a variety of animated images with transparent backgrounds will help you make the perfect choice for your work.
If you want to create children’s banners, attractive banners, promotional brochures or short promotional clips, show photos …
You can select and immediately use them in the gallery below:

400 Individually Created Business and People Cartoons
400 Individually Created Business and People Cartoons
50 Black & White People Cartoons
50 Black & White People Cartoons
100 Family Cartoons
100 Family Cartoons
250 Men & Women Colour Cartoons
250 Men & Women Colour Cartoons
150 Business Cartoons
150 Business Cartoons

You can be assured that all of these products are licensed, which you can use for your trade or customer. But after this introductory special ends, the developer license will go back to its normal price of $27.

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Also included with this set is the majestic bonus. You will receive all of them.


III. Conclude: What you get in this package of Stock Footage Ace

1. 4000+ HD Stock Video and  Abstract Motion Backgrounds

2. 2000+ Royalty Free Stock Images and Vieo Asset Graphics

3. Free Charter Developer License

4. Bonus Package Exclusive for Early Bird Vistors

Get These 6000+ Brand New Royalty Free Assets Now!

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Stock Footage Ace reviews, gigantic bundle captivating high-resolution royalty
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