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Hello everyone today I’m going to introduce you a WP Plugin is quite hot at the present time. Shark Notify WP Plugin true to its name. This is a product that is likely to increase the conversion rate from visitors to buyers.

Shark Notify WP Plugin Reviews OhBonus

All sellers want their revenues soar but apparently their way of marketing something missing. Customers come to the product but can not decide whether to buy the product or not, but think a lot. That is also the reason that Shark Notify WP Plugin is born. This is a product that can give visitors a little attention that irresistible viewers and click on it. A small call to action.

And now we begin figure out it

What is Shark Notify WP Plugin?

  • Creator: Dennis Alm
  • Product Name: Shark Notify
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Launch Date: May 11, 2017
  • Recommend: 100% recommended
  • Price: $17
  • Niche: WP Plugin

Customer support: Good response

This is a wordpress plugin created by Dennis Alm. Through its creativity, Vendor wants to convert visitors to visit websites as shoppers with a new sneaky technology.

How does this Shark Notify WP plugin work?

We will give an example for you easy to imagine. When customers visit your website and read the article. Suppose you sell a certain commodity A. There will be a small pop-up shows up through this plugin it will notify customers that this product is only a few products and currently has a customer name OhBonus just bought it booked 20 minutes, for example.

Or, for example, there are only a few that you can sell to your customers: the last 10 for $ 30 are finally being sold for $ 25. OhBonus bought 1 copy 30 minutes ago and now has 9 copies.

To create the effect “last option” so people are visiting the site accidentally became buyers.
This wordpress plugin It “simulates” recent purchases even if there are no customers to buy your product. That’s why it creates trust for customers who want to buy your product.You can easily customize according to your own standards and it is easy to customize.

You can find it video below:



That’s great, here we go:

Main features of the Shark Notify WP Plugin.

With this simple plugin you can also achieve a certain value by the simple operation provides high efficiency.

Easy Installation

Installing this plugin is extremely simple. There are two ways that you can upload directly to the host through your file manager: File manager> Public_html> wp-content> plugins. You download the and unpack and then refresh your website. You go to the Plugin section in the admin as it has been updated. Active and use.
Method 2 is simpler and easier than you just log into the WordPress admin then go to Plugin> Upload File> find the directory containing the Shark plugin and proceed with the installation. Then it can be easily customized at your own discretion.

Send up to 12 Notifications

You can install up to 12 notifications to your customers. With each message accompanying the product images, your customers will be able to see exactly what information you want to send. All can be customized according to your wishes eg “OhBonus purchased WP Plugin Shark NOtify products 23 minutes ago”.

With these 12 messages, visitors to your website will really be hot under your campaign and they feel your product delivers tremendous value. That they decided to purchase this product will end soon no chance.
But one thing you should notice is that your time settings to customize and it is reasonable to avoid spam elements and customers do not realize that you are scams they.

Easy Integration to Posts

You can easily set up the destination directory or article you want to point to by copying and pasting a short piece of code. You can put the code line anywhere in the post content and every visitor seeing the post will get the notifications.

How does Shark Notify WP Plugin work?

As mentioned above, this plugin is extremely easy to install and customize. Just a few basic operations that you can use it effectively.

  • Step 1: Download the zip file and install it to your WordPress site
  • Step 2: Customize your messages with images and contents sales
  • Step 3: Get the short code and apply it to the desired posts, pages.
  • Step 4: Save your work and wait for a big sales.

The Pros of Shark Notify WP Plugin

  • Lightweight and easy to install and use
  • Smooth integration and push notification effect
  • Reasonable price and good customer support

The Cons of Shark Notify WP Plugin

Only use that product in WordPress Site

And after all that, we came to the conclusion that for those who use this software.

Who should use Shark Notify WP Plugin?

Shark Notify WP Plugin bring the value of converting customers to all commercial or non-commercial websites. From converting website users into buyers with your commercial campaigns combined with its great features. This Pugin is suitable for all website users who design using open source WordPress. It can benefit any website owners, affiliates, online shop owners, product creators, and much more.

Click For Good Price
Click For Good Price
Shark Notify WP Plugin Review Conclusion

This is really a perfect product, the product has been tested by me and I have bought the product and run on three grocery campaigns that we are using. It started to get quite satisfactory results. Hope this is the product that will bring me and you the effective change in the sales.

Currently the product is being sold for $ 17, but in the future when their products too hot, they will surely appreciate And you should consider whether to apply it to your business campaign.


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Shark Notify WP Plugin Reviews – Coverts visitors into buyers
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