Importance of page coming soon in online business


You are a salesman, a trader, a marketer who wants to market a product in five days. And you want customers to be on your site lively, not a piece of paper blank. In a campaign you want to remind customers that, five days from now, your product will be officially sold. That is when you need a coming soon page, so how is importance of page coming soon? Let’s find out

What makes the Page Coming Soon important?

Referring to Importance of page coming soon, you immediately remember a website with full page width plus a countdown timer. It’s the time when your website or product launches, combined with unique animated wallpapers. The bottom or the side will be a table for you to fill in information, which is the item that the customer will fill in so that you can send information to the customer as soon as possible. This is also what I need to talk about in this article.

Page Coming Soon Main
Ex:  Page Coming Soon

Coming soon page same as Destination page or Landing page, to have a page coming soon perfect you should have.There are a lot of points to be had on page 0 because from the perspective of web visitors must be really objective side of the viewer. And the first criterion is:

Be Visually & Clear

The first thing to consider when designing your Coming Soon Page is interpreted with others on a website specifically forthcoming. It will be a site selling products, a service page, or a magazine?

How to explain to the reader in the most specific way about the product or service you are about to launch. You have to show it the most authentic information.

Coming soon page must have the attraction

Use text, logos, images, slogans good. A picture is worth a thousand words, so let’s show them all over the image, authenticity and clarity to ensure imprinted in the hearts of readers.

Another technique if you are a video maker, make your video truly engaging. Near here people become more interested in the video was designed with the well-known software such as Adobe After effec, Adobe Premiere … Video will become more vivid and retain the highest follower.

Page coming soon attractive
Ex. Page coming soon attractive

Do not forget to come with it are the promotional products, customers will remember you more if they get value from you. Prepare the gifts that will be sent to the reader and make sure it’s free.

Another important thing to mention is always impressive, impressive at the time they first visit the site. What most readers remember is the banner image with slogans that make the reader remember it.

Do not be looking for ways to give up small things in Coming Soon Page, remember to principles of space, make customers feel comfortable with an open website. Additionally, if you use images, you must select the image best resolution, and the association with the product / service you.

And finally that is the CONTACT with the user.

Keeping in touch with people who visit for the first time is very important. There are many readers but’ve seen all pages but still have not found answers and they want to learn more about it. You need to create a contact to answer them. There are many ways to help readers can contact you most commonly used form Contact (contact form)

You can combine with social networking sites in order to promptly answer questions as quickly as possible. There are some social networking sites have integrated the chatbox link directly to sites like Facebook.

An e-mail. You can inform the reader of the status of the project / product so that they can update the situation. And send the message about the product to them.

A few product suggestions

Currently, Page Coming Soon products being sold quite hot on the market you can watch through this demo video below

Or watch live sales page CLICK HERE

Conclude about page coming soon

The construction of a Page Coming Soon is as important as the construction of a website content so. It’s like a business, an important advertising campaign because you can always pay attention to the following factors:

  • Be Visually & Clear
  • Coming soon page must have the attraction
  • And finally that is the CONTACT with the user.

To create a perfect campaign
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Importance of page coming soon in online business
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