How to get bonuses

That is page “how to get bonuses” you can got bonus from us when you buy something on website

And how to Get My “Product + Huge Bonuses” ?

Very easy do it, 1st you must sure that your cookies on browser is CLEAR, how is “clear”? You can read below:

Open your Browser and use shortcut set Ctrl + H on Windows or Command+Y on a Mac. Then you choose to delete the history, choose next to delete cookies or tick the cookie and click delete history.

get bonus by clear cookies on Mac
get bonus by clear cookies on Safari
get bonuses by clear cookies on Window
get bonuses by clear cookies on Chrom

Then you return to your posts OhBonus and proceed as normal purchase and send mail as the instructions below.

# 1 – Get Product Through My Link (that is link on my post)

# 2 – After you complete the order , send [the receipt ID] in message to my Gmail Account at:

# 3 – Email will deliver your bonuses within 12 hours.

That is done!